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You can help make a difference by volunteering for The Fernley 2018.

Play a vital role in creating a successful event and grab an exciting opportunity to gain experience working on a unique project.

From handing out medals to providing directions and crowd control we would love to have you with us to support participants and make sure that all spectators have a safe and enjoyable day.

To learn more about volunteering opportunities, contact 01704 320 008 or

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The Fernley is an ideal way to raise money for the Southport Offshore Rescue Trust or another charity of your choice. Simply set up a Just Giving page and friends can sponsor you online, on Facebook, on their mobile and, if you're in the UK, by text message.

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Other ways to Donate

Your donations to Southport Offshore Rescue Trust will help fund the annual running costs of the Lifeboat Service which is currently in excess of £ 60,000 each year.

The trust is an Independent Lifeboat and Search & Rescue charity and not being part of the RNLI, relies entirely on public donations. The trust does not receive any Government grants and the crew or volunteers do not receive any remuneration.

Go to their website at: and click on the link to the donation page. 

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Associate your business and brand with an event that celebrates bravery and the human spirit. Gain fantastic exposure and build relationships with solid platforms to help you stand out.

3000 Spectators, 500 Competitors, 1000's of social media followers, Local and national press members

Sponsorship benefits include: Press Relations, Branded Outdoor Signage, Internet presence, Social Media, Public address announcements, Email announcements

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Southport Lifeboat

Southport Lifeboat, Search & Rescue is run by the Southport Offshore Rescue Trust. Being independent, means that the Trust is responsible for all of its own financing and fundraising. The Trust receives no regular Grant Aid toward the running costs of the lifeboat service. The crew commit their time and effort freely, they receive no payment at all.

Community activities include, giving tours of the Lifeboat House for Schools, Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides.